Cynthia Bell
Cynthia Bell

“I believe that the perceived incivility in
our society is not lack of care, but lack of knowledge of the basic rules that permit diverse people to
exist in harmony.”


One of the defining qualities of American society is our casual approach to social protocols. We have perhaps gone too far in our quest to be comfortable and as a consequence, we have forgotten how to interact with one another. Technology has made it possible for us to "cocoon" ourselves and we can survive without any physical human contact at all. The concepts of human biology still insist that we are indeed social beings, and for good health and well-balanced lives, we must be around one another at least some of the time. In our enthusiasm to introduce our progeny to the benefits of computers, solo learning games and the Internet, we as a society have neglected to teach them how to be thoughtful, kind and unselfish human beings.

Generation X has become Generation Exiled at a time when it is essential to have refined social skills in order to excel in the global economy.

Northeast Etiquette Services offers programs to make leadership skills and social ease simple and convenient, with courses available for adults entering or returning to the workplace. Also available are age-appropriate classes for children ages four to seventeen to get them started at a time when they are most impressionable and can make these skills a part of themselves now and for life.


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